End of Year Assembly Photo

End of Year Assembly

17th December 2007

We held our traditional presentation assembly on Wednesday 12th of December. A large gathering of invited guests, parents, students and staff were present. A group of student musicians accompanied by Mr Vince Ivens provided background music to start the proceedings. A backdrop of senior student artwork displayed by Ms Vicki Earle highlighted the talent of the student body and set the scene for a great morning.

After a welcome from Mr Bruce Schmidt, past student Rohan Bock spoke to the assembly about his pursuit of a cricket career and his unexpected path to becoming an apprentice green keeper. He acknowledged the grounding supplied by the school, staff and general community for his success.

Following came a long list of awards, presented to students in all year levels from Reception to Year 12 for academic, leadership, sporting and community achievements. School leaders acknowledged the generosity of the many sponsors who support the school annually in recognising our outstanding award winners.

The school community farewelled Mrs Glenys Munro who is leaving after two years as Principal of Moonta Area School and Mr Greg Pritchard who is retiring after twenty eight years of service to Moonta Area School. Both have contributed greatly to the development of our school and all involved with it.